Let's Enable Agri-foodtech Growth. Together

Through our work, we create opportunities that help to catalyse and enable growth for agri-foodtech startups and entrepreneurs in Nigeria and across Africa. We achieve more with the support of our partners. We would like to have you join us on this mission to ensure global food security, one startup at a time.

How you can support our work

Sponsor a competition

You can sponsor a hackathon, a student competition or any other activity that will help enable agri-foodtech growth in Nigeria.

Host an event with us

You can partner to host one of our Founder Showcase or DeepDive events, which are our regular webinar events.

Sponsor a startup

We would love to give every agri-foodtech startup in Nigeria an opportunity to grow but we cannot do that without help.

Advise, speak, or mentor

Do you. want to share your skills or expertise with us? You can join our advisory board, speak at our event or mentor an entrepreneur.

Grants and Donations

With more funds, we can reach more agri-foodtech entrepreneurs via free events where they benefit from networking, mentoring, etc.

Tell our story

We would love to have the story of what we do and those of our entrepreneurs told. Are you a media person? Get in touch.

Let's Stand Together

Support Our Activities to Enable More Agri-foodtech Entrepreneurs

Become A Sponsor Today

We are open to both individual and corporate partnership and at all level and any where in the world. 

Programs You Can Sponsor with us

Here are some of our signature programs that you can sponsor with us to support agri-foodtech entrepreneurs in Nigeria and across Africa.

AgriCatalyst Accelerator Programs

This is our minimum of 16-week program for agri-foodtech startups and entrepreneurs.

June - October

Virtual and Physical

Women in Agri-foodtech Program

This is our signature program targeted at women-led agri-foodtech businesses

March - September

Virtual and Physical

Future Agro Challenge Nigeria

We are the official partner for this competition in Nigeria in search of Nigeria's Agripreneur of the year

June - July

Virtual and Physical


This is our weekly webinar with an expert where we go deep into real business talks to inspire our community.


Virtual and Physical

Founder Showcase

This is our founder-to-founder event, where they share stories about their business journeys - successes and failures, and helping each other


Virtual and Physical