Let's #HATCH your Agri-foodtech Business Idea. Together


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AgriCatalyst Hatch is our signature accelerator program that is dedicated to idea stage agri-foodtech businesses across Africa to empower entrepreneurs to transform their business ideas to minimum viable products.

Do you have an idea with the potential to transform Nigeria's food and agriculture systems? Are you capable of following an idea through thick and thin? Do you see yourself as a person with the required resilience to build a team and lead change? If yes, then #AgriCatalystHatch is for you.

AgriCatalyst Hatch Benefits

Join a leading Accelerator Program

AgriCatalyst Hatch is a leading accelerator program specifically for agri-foodtech entrepreneurs where you get the chance to meet and connect with the best minds in the industry.

Showcase your brand

Through #AgriCatalystHatch, you will receive brand exposure for your business idea so you can attract the right publicity and promote your solution.

Connect with your potential customers

Through the tasks and activities in the program, you will have the opportunity to connect with real farmers and people in the society, whose problems you are aiming to solve through your solution.

Access to Investment

You will receive a non-monetary investment in your business idea to help you validate and create your solution, and be eligible for follow-up monetary investment.

Expert Mentoring Program

We will connect you to expert mentors, experienced business men and women who will help you in developing your business idea. You will also access our global networks as well.

Join Grow or Harvest

Participating and graduating from Hatch gives you a chance to be admitted to our accelerator program for growing and scaling startups - Grow and Harvest respectively.


Want to birth that Agri-foodtech Solution? Join the program today!

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We are open to both individual and corporate partnership and at all level and any where in the world. If you are interested in partnering with us, click the button below to learn how we can work together.

AgriCatalyst Hatch Timeline

Here is a tentative timeline for the program.

15 September

31 October

1st Shortlisting

5th November

Interviews and Final Shortlisting

10th-15th November

20th November 2021 - 28th February 2022